Investing for the future

Analog Design invest in a broad range of instruments on the Scandinavian market for long term growth.


We are dividing the investment capital in five portfolios with different underlying market types, plus cash. About 50% of the invested capital shall not directly correlate with the stock market. This is to minimize risk and yet have the target of 10-12% growth per year.


Currently we have a lot of cash, waiting to be invested. The strategy for 2019 is to spread the cash over all investment groups except for Bonds and Direct Equity and leave about 12% in cash.


Bonds and Direct Equity
The target growth is set to 7% and the investments are set up in Direct Equity Loans and High Yield Credit Bonds.


High Dividend Stock Portfolio
A basket of Nordic stocks based on high dividend and low volatility. Currently there are 20+ companies in the portfolio.


Technology Funds
This is the high risk, high possible reward part of the investments. Using six high tech funds covering different markets, this portfolio has much higher target growth than the other public investments.


Model-based Strategy
Based on a well tested international trading model with some of our own adjustments, we have made a strategy that fits the Nordic market. We currently have 20 stocks in the portfolio with rebalancing every quarter.


Venture Investments
During 2017 we successfully sold our only privately-traded stocks and we are currently looking for the next opportunity for a venture investment. We are looking for start-ups or small companies using AI, Math and programming, or Disruptive technologies/business models.


When working with our portfolios we have a number of different tools for inspiration, data collection and decision making. Please visit the sites and you will most certainly find something new and inspiring.

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